House bill 2064

Amendment passed in 2003 extended lein filing time to 4 months.

Substitute Senate Bill 33 

Introduced in 2005 Private Prompt Pay Bill

Senate Bill 333

Governor Kathleen Sebelius signed the Fairness in Public Construction Contract Act on April 21, 2007. The comprehensive prompt payment law requires public owners to pay contractors undisputed amounts due within 30 days of receiving a proper invoice and contractors to pay subcontractors within seven days of receiving payments from owners.

Senate bill 379

Amend the law on an indemnification provision in construction contracts.

Enact the Controlled Insurance Programs Act, an act that created requirements for programs of liability insurance coverage that are established by an owner or contractor who contractually requires participation by contractors or subcontractors who are engaged in work required by a construction contract.

Senate bill 126

Senate bill 377

Amend the Kansas Fairness in Private Construction Act and the Kansas Fairness in Public Construction Act dealing with retainage and alternate security.